Our 26 point oil change service

* Change oil (Chevron multi-grade up to 5qts
* Replace oil filter
* Lubricate chassis fittings
* Inspect air filter
* Inspect oil drain, pan, plug & seal
* Electronically check/adjust tire pressure
* Inspect breather filter (as needed)
* Inspect PCV smog valve (as needed)


* Transmission fluid
* Differential fluid
* Power steering fluid reservoir
* Battery fluid
* Windshield washing solvent
* Clutch fluid


* Check coolant reservoir
* Check cooling system pressure
* Inspect radiator cap
* Inspect radiator hoses
* Inspect coolant protection valve
* Inspect drive belts
* Inspect CV boots
* Check battery terminals
* Check wiper blades
* Inspect for power steering seepage
* Lubricate rubber grommets CV boots
* Second look-over

Taking Care of Our Environment
The used oil we collect is mixed with diesel and used as heating sewing machine oil. We also crush used oil filters and have them delivered to a steel company that reprocesses them into construction rebar, which is used to strengthen concrete.
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